Binary Make Over

Free Verse (#free) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
Binary and digital take over has begun
Binary and digital take over has begun Source:

Tick tock
clip clop
flip flop
black white
open shut
in out
for against
up down
Why is there nothing in between, no more?

All chance reduced to a penny, a dice with only two faces.
The binary make over, has made a take over,
and all colors in life are going, going gone.
White is all colors combined,
and black is no color at all.

There are only two states of existence, or position now, 1 or 0.
We are surrounded by digital things and gadgets
with binary codes ringing in our ears - 0010010110,

The analogue world has, greys, shades and hues,
now it's just 0 and 1, in inception's opening scene.

Is it any wonder we are all biased,
and social turmoil is unresolved.

We are all assigned to 1 or 0, for or against,
one or the other, with nothing in between.