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Poetry community is a modern site for publishing poetry and brief fiction online. The site is optimised for fast and easy-to-read display on mobile devices. We welcome new poets to join the community and publish here.

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Latest Additions

Shaking Shadows by John Anderson
A Free Verse poem about how shadows follow you around, and are so hard to shake
Bookends Need Books by John Anderson
Bookends are dependent on books for their survival and happiness. They have a symbiotic and obligatory need for books to survive and prosper.
Mister Joe Jangles by John Anderson
Mr Joe Jangles
Mr Joe Jangles is about how a poet's thoughts are jangles echoing in memories a need to find meaning in tiny details, which inspire echos in their readers
Lilt of tilt, askew and awry by John Anderson
old shed
Old sheds awry with time, tilt and yield to beauty and charm. Lovely and wrinkled askew.Source: Pixabay.com

About Poetry Community - You are Most Welcome to Join Us

Submit your poems by email with the poem in the body of the email itself or attached in a word, text (txt) or rtf format. New poets please submit a brief profile in your email or as an attachment with a link to your poetry publications on other sites and an image of yourself (width no smaller than 140 pixels). Not all poems submitted will be published here. Poems submitted must be completely unique and not copied (and we do check this). All poems need an image with appropriate credits, attribution and source information. Please attach your image (at least 600 pixels wide; high quality) or provide a link to its source and attribution. Also provide the caption for the image. Images from Pixabay, Pexels or Wikimedia Commons, are good quality and are suitable.

You also need to provide a brief description for your poem or other item (less than 160 characters).

We liaise with you to ensure the layout is how you want it displayed. Every author is showcased with a complete list of poems on their own collection page.

The site has advertisements. The income from these ads is used to maintain the site and for administration. Sharing income with contributors may be considered in the future if the traffic increases. The income will be shared by number of pages on the site for each author, after covering administration costs.

For simplicity and speed the site does not have comments. You can send your comments directly to authors who are willing to have their email added to the top of each poem and on their profile pages. We welcome feed back and suggestions to our contact page.

Categories Featured on Poetry Community - with their tags used for searches (enter them into the search box to see a matching list of items)

Articles about Poetry (#article) - Article about poetry or creative writing
Ballad (#ballad) - Narrative folk-songs or folk poems, usually in a set of simple four-line stanzas. Rhyming pattern is usually abcb.
Blank Verse (#blank) - Verse with a regular metre (usually iambic pentameter) but no obvious rhyme, i.e. ‘blank’ verse.
Didactic-Poem (#didactic) - Poems with a message, opinion or observation on life or various topics. Uses word play, and various poetic tools.
Elergy (#elergy) - Poem mourning a dead person or animal or some thing that has passed.
Flash Fiction (#flash) - Very short literary works, often without a fully developed plot. Include fragments and essays and other short works
Free Verse (#free) - Verse without obvious rhyme and a regular metre, but may have a regular pattern of stanzas.
Haiku (#haiku) - A short non-rhyming poem, usually with on a seasonal topic, with 17 syllables, in three phrases of five, seven and five syllables.
Ode (#ode) - An ode is a generally formal address to a person or to an embodied thing. It has a tight structure and format
Prose-Poem (#prose) - A short passage of prose featuring poetic effect: assonance, half-rhyme, word-play a distinct rhythmic shape, intensity of imagery or emotional affect, etc.
Rhyming Verse (#rhyming) - Rhyme is the repetition of a vowel sound at the end of two or more lines in a poem, usually repeated in each stanza
Satire (#satire) - Satire is the use of irony and humour to ridicule ignorance or bad behaviour. Here using word-play and poetry tools
Short Story (#short) - a brief story with a fully developed theme.
Sonnet (#sonnet) - The sonnet is a short formal reflective and lyrical poem of fourteen lines, most often rhymed.

Note: Entering the category tag in the search box above will show a list of items for that category.

If you would like another category or you have other suggestions - please Contact us.