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Articles about Poetry (#article) - Article about poetry or creative writing
Ballad (#ballad) - Narrative folk-songs or folk poems, usually in a set of simple four-line stanzas. Rhyming pattern is usually abcb.
Blank Verse (#blank) - Verse with a regular metre (usually iambic pentameter) but no obvious rhyme, i.e. ‘blank’ verse.
Didactic-Poem (#didactic) - Poems with a message, opinion or observation on life or various topics. Uses word play, and various poetic tools.
Elergy (#elergy) - Poem mourning a dead person or animal or some thing that has passed.
Flash Fiction (#flash) - Very short literary works, often without a fully developed plot. Include fragments and essays and other short works
Free Verse (#free) - Verse without obvious rhyme and a regular metre, but may have a regular pattern of stanzas.
Haiku (#haiku) - A short non-rhyming poem, usually with on a seasonal topic, with 17 syllables, in three phrases of five, seven and five syllables.
Ode (#ode) - An ode is a generally formal address to a person or to an embodied thing. It has a tight structure and format
Prose-Poem (#prose) - A short passage of prose featuring poetic effect: assonance, half-rhyme, word-play a distinct rhythmic shape, intensity of imagery or emotional affect, etc.
Rhyming Verse (#rhyming) - Rhyme is the repetition of a vowel sound at the end of two or more lines in a poem, usually repeated in each stanza
Satire (#satire) - Satire is the use of irony and humour to ridicule ignorance or bad behaviour. Here using word-play and poetry tools
Short Story (#short) - a brief story with a fully developed theme.
Sonnet (#sonnet) - The sonnet is a short formal reflective and lyrical poem of fourteen lines, most often rhymed.

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