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Submit your poems by email with the poem in the body of the email itself or attached in a word, text (txt) or rtf format. Below is a template of what is required. Simply copy the list and past it into your email and fill in the details. New poets please submit a brief profile in your email or as an attachment with a link to your poetry publications on other sites. Not all poems submitted will be published here. Poems submitted must be completely unique and not copied (and we do check this). All poems need an image with appropriate credits, attribution and source information. Please attach your image (at least 600 pixels wide; high quality) or provide a link to its source and attribution. Also provide the caption for the image. Images from Pixabay or Wikimedia Commons, are good quality and suitable. You also need to provide a brief description for your poem or other item (less than 160 characters).

Please include the following in your email or attachment

Title: (less than 60 characters)
Description: (less than 160 characters)
Poem or other item: (formatted text)
Image URL, or attach: (minimum width 600 px)
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