Curtains, Blinds and Drapes

Free Verse (#free) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
Inmates deprived of light, huddle near drapes drawn leaving windows half open
Inmates deprived of light, huddle near drapes drawn leaving windows half open Source:

Bare windows forlorn, like store dummies beg to be dressed
To adorn the dawn and put husk on dusk
To black-out the snoops peering outside
To make the inside snug and cosy till morn.
But how should windows be cloistered and shrouded?

Curtains are fine, but fiddly to hang,
by fuddling, handy persons, all-thumbs, no-fingers on hands
But when curtains are drawn open, Act 1 begins, lights are up
with actors poised like statues, then the music starts.
You have to clap when curtains are drawn,
oft times there's five or seven curtain calls before you can leave.

Blinds are simply offensive.
You have to poke the eye out of windows each night;
Sold from vans emblazoned with "The Blindman".
Sorry, that's far too offensive for me.

Drapes treat windows with sashes to draw bottoms aside and up,
but remain undecided and annoyingly: Half Open, Half shut, wavering.
They hang about, slovenly lulling lazily to floor.
They never open enough to see the sky and let all the light shine in.

Options all gone, look to your eyes in the mirror
How are they closed snuggled up at night?
With eyelids exterior, like lips to mouth close.
So the perfect solution for windows to dress, is shutters and awnings
fitted outside like eyelids and lips.
They stop the outside creeping in, not the inside creeping out.
They leave the windows inside undressed, naked, denuded and nice.