I Am

Free Verse (#free) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
I Am - Dawn - I am That I am
I Am - Dawn Source: Pixabay.com

I am
Big Bang
First Kiss
Dawn breaks
Match struck
Star twinkles
Thunder claps
Alpha, Yahweh
Baby bird flies
Chili on tongue
Baby born, cries
Awaken, conscious
1, the first prime
Drop falls on water

I am, that I am


Background: 'I am', is the most profound, pithy statement of birth, inception and beginning. Two tiny words that says it all. It has authority, effrontery and arrogance. Before there was nothing, 'Poof' now I am, so there! I am here, a reality, a big bang, a clang. It is an abrupt announcement of birth to existence.