Kiss the Water, Cuddle a Plant

Didactic Verse (#didactic) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
Planet Water is a better name for our planet the surface of which is 70% water.
Planet Water is a better name for our planet the surface of which is 70% water Source:

A letter to earthlings one and all -
Planet Water is our home, someone wrongly called it Planet Earth,
but the solar system and the universe is full of dry 'earth' planets.
Our home has 70% of its surface covered in water. It is time
to understand what this means for life and how we survive.

Water is the crux of life.
Water is life's matrix and mater, medium and mother.
Water supports the only form of life we know,
And the search for life in the Universe,
rightly begins with a search for liquid water.

Despite being terrestrial creatures,
we carry soft bags of primordial soup in our veins.
Our blood has the same salty composition as that of the ocean.
And our cells are bathed in, and are sustained by,
the salty sea-like blood within our circulation.
We are aquariums on legs, and carry our bag of ocean around with us.
So let us respect water our mother.

What else should we animals respect?
Animals, like us, are totally depended on plants.
We breathe plant exhaust - Oxygen.
Virtually all the oxygen on earth was expired by plants.
Before plants, there was only about 10% oxygen in the atmosphere compared with 21% now.
Carbon dioxide made up 5% of the atmosphere, compared with 0.05% now.

Plants totally changed the atmosphere from toxic to friendly for animals
Animals could not have survived in these early atmospheres, before plants changd it.
Additionally, plants now maintain
the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere we now need to survive.
They consume carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, keeping us alive
So cuddle a plant today for changing and maintaining the atmosphere for us.

Plants also support animals
by creating the food upon which all animals depend.
Plants do this via photosynthesis,
using solar energy to split the water molecule,
and create sugars and other organic compounds.

Once again water is the key. The water molecule is split
and remade in the cycle of life on Planet Water.

Animals, like us, feed on the negative entropy,
the energy stored in the structure) of organic compounds made by plants.
We sustain ourselves by breaking down carbohydrates,
and other organic compounds, releasing the energy put there by plants.
Carnivores eat animals that eat plants
and so plants are the food supply factories on which all animals depend.
So cuddle a plant today for plants use solar energy
to make the organic compounds that sustain us.