Screwed Up

Rhyming Verse (#rhyme) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
If it ain't broke don't fix it
If it ain't broke don't fix it Source:

Life was babbling and bobbing along
Not perfect, but it worked OK
The motor hummed, threads in sync got by
Then I had to spoil it, didn't I?

Dabbling finger rocked the boat
Changes not needed screwed it up
New in-old use-worn sweater not fit
Oh, why, Oh why, find fault and pick knit

It started with a tiny fix in time too loose
Angelic treads to make bobbing better
One thread sewed in, then two, and nine other
At first it worked fine, no signs of bother

But tangles twisted, tightened the loose
Old threads pleated, entwined the twisted
Old cronies jilted by newfangled folk
Spurts of failure blended the yolk

Old faithful moaned, then ground to a halt
Failed fixes spewed strain, belched black smoke
Thumb-fisted fixer frantically screwed in more in hope
But better got worst, the fix more pickle, than jam, made by dope

She's buggered and busted, fuse blown, seized up
Reverse gate is shut, no back-button for fate, no unpick for seeds sewn
Defects dreamt up, fantasy fixes, not needed, not broken, all in fault
"What was I thinking?"; "If only" the mantras to wounds add salt

Next time, 'leave well enough alone'.