Spend More, Save More

Didactic Verse (#didactic) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
Spend More to Save More - Buying Bags of Saves on Bargain Days
Spend More to Save More - Buying Bags of Saves on Bargain Days Source: Pixabay.com

Set your alarm, tomorrow is bargain day - not to be missed.

Grease your holster for swipe-card duel.
Stuff your account stocking with cash, credit and coin.
Charge your dreams with goods in stock-piled desire.
Put your clothes laid out on bedside chair, ready to don.
Your shoes unlaced, mouth open, tongue-primed for quick out-of-bed leap.
Get yourself ready to wake and set sail for spend, spend, spend.
All primed and ready to save, save, save in heaps with no bounds.

Gobble a bite on way out door, no time for bye bye, to those you adore.
Drive crazy through traffic squirming and churning in artery lanes all chocked.
Run headstrong with throng of crushing crowd in flight,
"Open the Door" "We cannot wait"
"You're in" at last, "Let's spend begin!" "It's such a Blast"

"You've done it", "It's done,"
Bargains bagged. All saves are cashed in.
Wallet is empty, now ready for moths to move in,
Shopping bags full, satiated, stuffed, satisfied - nice.
The rumble time through bargain bin worth all the roar, shriek, struggle and din,
The fight to snare bargains worth every penny you've saved.
In clothes pile jumble all sorted, messed up, tossed and pulled,
You've stumbled on good stuff and fine loot the hoard missed.

But alas, you're home, unwrapped and disappointed to see
Mostly you got, what not wanted, nor needed.
You've spent far more than you should, on junk.
You're happy and saved,
But, disgruntled and broke!

Buy six, get one free
10 for $50, 5 for $8, 9 for $6
Two for the price of one
Sale, Sale, Sale, One Day Only!
Mammoth bargains and saves galore, too good to miss.

A recipe for gluttony and haste waste, half-baked.
Glee greed sold by traders, selling saves, in bins piled high with 'want nots' and 'need nots"
Garbage sold to gullible spenders hood-winkled by bargains too good to miss.
Leaves consumers in tatters with frugal noodles on menu, waiting to be served;
Saving up for the next bargain day.

Waste not, Want not!