Texture Adorns

Didactic Verse (#didactic) 30 July 2016
by John Anderson © 2016 See Collection => Email comments and feedback to John
What is this texture? Mountains, bark, skin, scum - all have similar roughness and texture.
What is this texture? Mountains, bark, skin, scum - all have similar roughness and texture. Source: Pixabay.com

What is texture?
What does it mean?
Why is important?
Texture is nature's and life's universal adornment.
Texture titillates and tantalizes the senses,
adorning the smooth, flat and boring
with bumps, context, meaning, dimensions and grip.

See me, hear me, touch me, smell me, taste me -
all get embellished and seasoned with texture.
Texture is the crunch when you taste,
the crescendo of flavors tasted in potpourri on tongue.
Texture is pattern, light, shade, color and complexity in visual images.

Texture is the render and surface pattern
on 3D images, sculpture and buildings.
It is the feel of paint, and how it looks,
on a canvas with brush stroke and palette press.
To the sense of touch, texture is the heart of everything felt,
it is essence and expression of feeling.
To smell, texture is the blend and kaleidoscope of odors,
and why sniffing the roses, and aroma therapy works.
But touch is the master, because it drives
and stimulates the illusion of touch in the other senses.

Texture adorns:

For sky it's clouds, for night it's stars, for moon it's craters, for earth it's seas and landscapes.
For ocean it's waves, for pond it's ripples, for stream it's burble, babble and bubble.
For plant it's leaves, for tree it's bark, for forest it's trees.
For beach it's sand, for rock it's grit, for field it's furrow, for landscape it's contour, hills and dales.
For road it's gravel, for tire it's tread, for slippery slope it's steps.
For verse it's rhyme, meter, pattern and word-play.
For music it's melody, harmony, timbre and chord.
For art it's accent, stroke remnants, collage, composition, surface form, color and highlights.
For design it's pattern, tactile feel or illusion and adding second and third dimensions.
For jazz it's syncopation, swing, discords and blue notes.
For physical order it's entropy and entanglement, and texture rules because particles only exist when we observe them.
For bird it's feathers, fish and reptile it's scales, for mammal it's fur.
For naked apes it's hair and clothes bedecked with patterns, color, thread and texture.

For friends it's ups and downs, gives and takes, riding rough-shot over the bumps.
For age it's wrinkles and worry lines in brows.
For partners it's compromise, agreement, battles won and lost, lessons learnt.
For lovers it's teases and leg-pulls, tiffs, break-ups and make-ups, and sensual play with touch and texture.