Collection of Poems by John Anderson

John A I was born under the star sign 'Pisces' and as the saying goes "You can't get over that". I have life-long interests in water, fish, the sea, sailing and everything wet and aquatic. I have a scientific background in the environment and fisheries. I have written extensively on many topics. I have created and manage a gaggle of websites. I have now retired and live in the 'Shark Shack' by the sea near Jervis Bay, on the South Eastern coast of Australia. I sail, fish, walk, dive and swim as much as I can with the motto: 'Diving for Pearls'. My main focus is on didactic poems. I love the poems of Dylan Thomas and my favorite movie is 'Under Milk Wood' (a radio play, made into a film). I also like Les Murray. Cheers!

Shaking Shadows - Free Verse (#free) - Shadows slink along prone to the ground, like sinister snakes that you can never shake, except at night when they go home to roost

Bookends Need Books - Free Verse (#free) - Bookends are dependent on books for their survival and happiness. They have a symbiotic and obligatory need for books to survive and prosper.

Mister Joe Jangles - Free Verse (#free) - Mr Joe Jangles is about how a poet's thoughts are jangles echoing in memories a need to find meaning in tiny details, which inspire echos in their readers

True Story of Australia’s Most Famous Literary Hoax – Ern Malley - Article (#article) -The famous Australian literary hoax of Ern Malley's poems, played out so successfully on Max Harris, editor of modernist magazine Angry Penguins in 1944

Binary Make Over - Free Verse (#free) - Everything has to be binary now and there is no places left for analogue's shades of color and range of shades and positions. How will it end?

Cats That Purr Do Not Roar - Free Verse (#free) - Cats that purr don't roar; Cats that roar don't purr. This is a poem about that and bob cats and mountain lions and tigers.

Curtains, Blinds and Drapes - Free Verse (#free) -How to choose the best dressing for windows. Curtains, Blinds and Drapes are excluded in favor of exterior shutters and awnings. Leave windows undressed.

Diphthong Souls - Free Verse (#free) - A Diphthong is like writers and how they interact with their readers, improvising to create a new sound blending ideas and souls.

Elegant Simplicity - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - Good design is elegant, nice and simple. Its final form belies the ugly, clumsy and complex processes required to make it work.

The Full Stop. - Free Verse (#free) - This is a free verse poem about a dot, an end of an idea, the total. Ode to the full stop, which is so small, yet so powerful.

Handwriting Love Lost - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - Handwriting is no longer taught in many schools. Humankind is the poorer, now that typing has replaced handwriting. No one sends letters any more.

I Am - Free Verse (#free) - 'I am' is the most profound, pithy statement of birth, inception and beginning. Before there was nothing, now 'I am'. Two tiny words that says it all.

If Only Was Lonely - Free Verse (#free) - If Only Was Lonely is a fun poem about taking risks, regret and wishing for mistakes to be undone when you fail. Take care you never try.

Kiss the Water, Cuddle a Plant - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - Water is the crux of life on Planet Water. Plants use solar energy to split the water molecule, producing the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.

Too Late, Cock - Free Verse (#free) - Inspired by a line from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Also Inspired by a girl who set her watch five minutes fast to leave on time so as to be never late.

Sea-Mail Letters in Bottles - Free Verse (#free) - Messages in bottles have been sent by sea-mail for hundreds of years. How many letters must have been put to sea that are out there.

Lilt of tilt, askew and awry - Free Verse (#free) - Old sheds awry with time, lilt of tilt and yield to beauty and charm which only belongs to sheds made rough by shoddy farmers getting something up.

New Glasses To See Better and Better Be Seen - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - A poem inspired by the cute names of two thorny vines that remind us of the need to slow down, pause and contemplate to get all that is on offer.

Pitter Patter - Free Verse (#free) - The welcome pitter and patter of rain, on pane, like tears streaming down cheeks, clears my aches and pains. It clears the dust and stains.

Screwed Up - Free Verse (#free) - Unneeded fixes often fail and get screwed up. The real fault is not knowing when to 'leave well enough alone'.

Sense Cards - Free Verse (#free) - A Sense Card is a post card or framed image that involved all the senses.

Spend More Save More - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - Spend More, Save More - is a con designed to create a spending frenzy among consumers who rush like lemming to spend to save and topple over cliffs to waste

Texture Adorns - Didactic Verse (#didactic) - Texture is nature's and life's universal adornment to the basic slippery and boring forms have when born or conceived. Texture gives dimension and feel.

Thinking Like a Fish - Free Verse (#free) - Reflections on why fishers fish, and how they try to lure their catch by thinking like a fish. The poem show how deluded they are and their real motives.

Thought Police Don’t Knock - Free Verse (#free) - A poem based on Thought Police, coined by George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eight-Four to describe the all pervasive surveillance needed for freedom.

Tread Softly Now - Free Verse (#free) - Tread Softly Now is a free verse poetry about steps more measured and gaits of purpose and of lightness and balance of treading softly.

Wait a While and Linger Longer - Free Verse (#free) - A poem inspired by the cute names of two thorny vines that remind us of the need to slow down, pause and contemplate to get all that is on offer.

I Wonder What Today Will Bring - Free Verse (#free) - As you wake and the sunbeams stream into your being you wonder and contemplate what today will bring to your life and destiny.

War of the Words Won - GAIA is Conscious - Flash Fiction (#flash) - GAIA has taken control of the internet and is now guiding everything that happens on Planet Earth to save it from destruction by humankind

Cave Ins and Outs - Free Verse (#free) - "A poem about the ins and outs, pros and cons of caves